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for finishing of machined rods and slenderformed sticks, round and oval, straight or slightly curved of diameter 15 - 79 mm

The UDB differs principally in its function from the conventional Sanding Machines by the fact, that the stave passing the machine is not turned, but however two sanding belts running over rolls are circulating around the rod and finishing it so in finest manner.



The proceeding is the following:

On a cylinder disc beared in a steady welded machine stand there sanding-belt-rolls are fixed, over which two sanding belts are running with high speed. The cylinder disc itself is rotating hereby with 80 RPM.

There an automatic oppressing device is provided, that always a good contact of the sanding-belts with the rods of various diameters is guaranteed. So an optimal sanding of the workspieces through the sanding belts is attained by means of arms of levers and the centrifugal force, whereby the sanding belts are pressed against the workpieces in soft and elastic manner.

During the interval between drawing of the finished and entering of the new stave are regulating mechanism is adapting the minimal distance of the circulating sanding belts (extra equipment).

Entering and Drawing of the workpieces is arranged through rolls pairs. These each are connected with a yoke, the pressure of the rolls is increased at the entering side and of spring pressure at the drawing side.

The drive of the rolls is effectuated over belts and cogwheel gearing through an electric motor with regulable speed of rotations.

Technical descriptions:

Weight :

  •  net, without packing approx. 550 kg
  •  gross, crate inculdet approx. 630 kg

Motor :

  •  transport motor 2,2 KW, 750 U/min
  •  sanding motor 5,5 KW, 1500 U/min
  •  gearing feed 0,75 KW, 1400 U/min


  •  Height of centres : 900 mm
  •  sanding belt holder disc : 720 mm Ø
  •  2 tears-sanding belt : 120 x 1500 mm
  •  linen, grain-sizes 80 - 120
  •  sanding speed : ca. 9 m/sec

The right is reserved to make structural alterations!


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