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The machine moulds staves of circular section of 18 up to 58 mm in diamter from quadrangular wooden rods or hemmed wooden items, either cylindrical., conical, or slightly formed, of 45 cm up to 4 m in length; as well as cylindrical items of unlimited length. The maximum difference of varous diameters per stave is 20 mm. The rods can be moulded according to their given flexure,
i . e. in small arcs or also straigth (the machine does not function as a bending appliance).


Straight or curved tool handles (for shovels, forks, spades, rakes, brooms), sports equipment (javelins, billiard cues, bats) chairlegs (Vienna chairs, ladder rungs, and other rods), banisters



Construction of the machine:

Robust cast housing. The technically mature design guarantees high production numbers with a clean cutting performance. The excellent performance of the COSMA U9 has been appreciated among specialists for decades. The machine is set out perfectly for economic continual operation.


The technically matured construction results high production numbers with clean cutting performance. The simple waiting of the machine consists of inserting the raw blanks and gather the finished staves. The roundtemplate always produces the wished form of stave. There with the same template also various stave lengths (by means of change gears as per schedule) and diameters (by adjusting hand wheel with Ø-index) can be attained. The machine has high pressure lubrification and continuous oil bath in the gearing. The automatically adjustable cutterhead in heavy ball bearings has 3 cutterholders with 3 curved knives of highalloyed implement steel. The particular cutter shape allows at the same time scrubbing and smoothing for each kind of timber. The cutting-Ø of the cutterhead is automatically controlled by the template according to the wished stave form.

Entering Guide:

The raw blanks are centred exactly between two lateral entering jaws and the upper and under fluted entering rolls, automatically catched and guided into the cutterhead.

Drawing Guide:

The combined swinging smooth drawing rolls are adjusting themselves for the curvature of bent staves. Straight staves are guided in straight line. The drawing rolls have easily changeable form-rings and are drawing the finished staves in safe manner.


A worm gearing running in permanent oil bath drives the precision rolls chain for the stave transport ans well as the controlling template over change gears. The gearing hand lever effectuates the automatic opening of the entering guide.

Working Method:

The raw stave entered up to the stop will be catched automatically and moulded in correspondence with the shape of the round-template. When the finished rod has leaved the machine, the entering guide is automatically opened for the next working process. Inserting of round-remplate, of the drawing rolls an the change gears according to the right schedule!


By built-in electric motor (5,5 KW, 2850 r.p.m) The consumption of power is depending on the type of wood and the cutting feed.

Normal Accessories:

  • 1 set = 3 pieces of knives (or all Ø suitable)
  • 1 round-remplate shaped for 1 wished form of stave
  • 1 pair of drawingrolls for 1 wished stave diameter reach (graduated from 5-5 mm)
  • 1 set of change gears for various lengths
  • spanners
  • knife-sanding pattern
  • complete motor equipment for 3 spahsed A.C. (motor protection switch, console, V-belts)
  • instruction writing.

Against Extra Charge:

  • Further round-remplates
  • drawing rolls
  • spare knives
  • cutterheads for rounding-off or pointing (for MEF apparatus).

Special Equipment.

Gearing Motor for adjusting the feed without steps from 8-18 m/min.,Elevating Device for the Drawing Rolls for very curved staves,Double Rolls Drawing Guide for production of billiard cues, aso.,Pneumatic Fill-up Magazine for automatic conveyance (MP): Hereby quadrangular exactly cutted raw woods of the same length can. be filled in adjustable pits. The lowest piece is fed automatically into the entering guide in the right moment and after this into the cutterhead. The release is done by means of the round-template over pneumatic valves and cylinders. Supposition for function of the pneumatic fill-up magazine is an air compressor of at least 6 atmospheric pressure and abt. 120 litres absorbing capacity per minute. The magazine is adjustable for various lengths.

Pneumatic Endsforming Device MEF:

It allows the fullautomatic rounding-off (pointing) of ends of handle without any time wasting (because done during the drawing process of the machine). This device consists of an apparatus guilt-on behind of the drawing guide, which carries a horizontal carriage with set-on rounding head. The already moulded stave coming out of the drawing guide pushes to a pneumatic valve, by which the rounding head of the MEF is elevated up to the height of the stave-passing-centre. Then the stave if rounded-off automatically, the motor with cutterhead hurries before, clatters again to the bottom, so that the round-moulded and endformed stave can slide over it and leaves the machine. The cutterhead takes again the start position for forming the next stave.

Required Air Pressure: 6 atü and 120 Litre. P. m. absorbing capacity.

Other Special Designs:

For billiard cues, oversize, staves with broad ends, with double

Weights and Measures:

  •  Standard Design net     650 kg
  •  railway packing              40 kg
  •  seaworthy case            110 kg (1,7 cbm)

More net kg:

  •  MP about net                 70 kg
  •  MEF about net               90 kg
  •  Gearing motor                35 kg
  •  Elevating device             18 kg

The right is reserved to make structural alterations!


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