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for finishing of machined rods and slenderformed sticks, round and oval, straight or slightly curved
of 3/8 - 3 inch. Diameter (10 - 50 mm) in hard and
soft wood (implement handles, hammer packaxes).



Constructional features:

automatic feeding and truning of workpieces, infinitely variable for best performance; sanding may be continuous or interupted for sanding individual places. Easy adjustment and operation; high sanding efficiency may be adapted to the kind of wood, form, state of the premachined surface.

Technical Data for COSMA SM 8 Standard:


  •  net, without packing approx. 280 kg gros
  •  seacase included approx. 340 kg gros
  •  crate included approx. 300 kg


  •  Length approx. 1000 mm
  •  Width approx. 700 mm
  •  Height approx. 1750 mm

Electrical Equipment: 380V/50 Hz

Sanding and feed-motor :

  •  Power 2,2 Kw
  •  Speed approx. 1400 R.P.M

Advance Continuously variable from 6 to 14 Meter/Min

Sanding belt:

  •  Dimensions 3000 mm x 120 mm
  •  endless Grain K 80 paper
  •  Ø Workpieces 10 - 50 mm
  •  Machining length approx. 300 - 2500 mm

The right is reserved to make structural alterations!


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