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for Copymilling and simultaneous sanding of 2-3 workpieces of wood or artifical material in irregular longform and anywished section up to 1,3 m (52") maximal length (special design for longer pieces) and up to 18 cm (7") maximal rotation diameter according to one original pattern, (also right and left copies).


Curved (style) furniture legs, chair backs, curved implement handles such as axe, hatchet-, picaxe- and hammer-handles, orthopedic artifical limbs, aso.




Feed (milling with sanding) 3-12 mm (1/8 - 7/16") per rotation of workpiece, rotation number of workpiece 50-200/min. The production number is depending on the length of workpiece, shape and size (DIA), Kind of wood, also on the right operation method.

Construction of the Machine:

Sturdy spindle stock, at the right opposite stand, connected through rigid traverse and upper rail, on which the support carriage with milling and sanding attachment is running. At the right side of the support carriage there the tailstock is mounted displaceable between upper rail and traverse. At 2 vertical support columns of the carriage at the behind side the copying support-swingable in horizontal direction-with cutterhead and copying pin is constructed and at the front the swingable sanding attachment with endless sanding belt and particular undependend feeler.

Working Method:

The feed motor over the spindle stock sets - regulable by steps - in rotation the 2 or 3 or 4 workpieces with the pattern thereon over a friction worm gearing. Besides the feed motor effectuates also the advance of the support through a further friction gearing regulable by steps. For easy and safe clamping of the workpieces a swingable centering table ist suitable. The sanding apparatus consists of the sanding motor, a 4-rolls guide for endless sanding belt and a dust absorbing blower for the removal of the sanding dust. The sanding belt can be brought up to the workpieces by means of parallel guiding mechanism and controled by the sanding pin. The marching off of the sanding apparatus can be done by hand lever or also automatically. The electric device of he machine allows the switching-on of the turning and feed motion als well als also the automatic stopping after the end of milling and sanding process.


The construction of the machine is clearly arranged. The parts are steady in sufficient manner. The cutterhead support swings very easily round about the support column. All quickly running elements of the machine have ball bearings. The worm gearing in the spindle stock runs in permanent oil bath. The workpieces are clamped by handlever under spring pressure in safe and quick way. Feed and cutting speed can be adjusted for an optimal performance. The working diameter can be extra regulated. The support carriage can be switched-on and off automatically by means of press buttons at each working place. The original pattern can be made by the client himself from good hard wood. On request we are furnishing patterns inlight metal (for high production recommandable).

The Sanding Apparatus is set in motion by one singular hand lever. The moulded shape will not be deformed by the sanding, because the sanding belt is controled by a proper sanding feeler pin. So also sharp edges can be sanded. The working pressure of the cutterhead is compensated through the counter-pressure of the sanding belt. So with corresponding feed a big taking-off of chips is possible. The consumption of sanding belts is economical. The sanding dust ist guided into a dust bag or into a central dust absorbing device.

Ececutions of the machine:

With simultanous sanding SKS 7 IIa SKS 7 II b SKS 7 III SKS 7 IV
Without sanding SK 7 IIa SK 7 II b SK 7 III SK 7 IV
Produced workpieces 2 in coupie 2 identical 3 identical 4 identical
Cutterhead Ø 1 x 300 mm 2 x 170 mm 3 x 170 mm 4 x 170 mm
Knives cupform 4 pieces 8 pieces 12 pieces 16 pieces
Sanding belt (linen) 200 x 5 cm 200 x 5 cm 225 x 5 cm 225 x 5 cm

Other possibilities:

  •  Machines for bigger working lengths, more than 1,30 m
  •  Pneumatically controled adjusting of the feed speed
  •  Other Spindle Distance than 180 mm for bigger rotation diameters
  •  Additional displaceable lunettes for workpiece guiding.

Types of Knives:

  •  Cup knives DIA 35/40/48 mm
  •  Cutterhads in steel casting DIA 300 mm
  •  cutterheads in light metal DIA 170

Standard Accessories:

  •  1 set = 4 pieces of HSS knives per each cutterhead
  •  required milling and sanding pins
  •  V-belts for the motors
  •  friction gearing slieces
  •  drive and dull centers for pattern and workpieces (WITHOUT pattern)
  •  1 piece of sanding belt (as samples) linen
  •  instructions writing.

Against Extra Charge:

  •  Additional sanding belts
  •  spare knivesdrive and dull centers
  •  V-belts for compensation.

Approx. Weights and Measures:

  net brut seacase
SKS 7/IIa/IIb 770 kg 1000 kg 5,5 cbm
SKS 7/III 840 kg 1070 kg 7,0 cbm
SK 7/IIa/IIb 650 kg 860 kg 5,5 cbm
SK 7/III 720 kg 930 kg 6,0 cbm
SK 7/IV      


In your inquiry please inform us as well as possible about type, shape measures and
kind of timb er of the workpieces. Furthermore please advise electrical voltage
for the AC 3-phases-motors (measured between the phases) and cycles.

The right is reserved to make structural alterations!


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