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for economical mass production of profiled staves of straight axis, round, oval or edged section. There also workpieces with 2 various sections can be produced - with constant passage to circular at one end. The staves may be cylindrical, prismatic, conical or profiled. Hart and soft woods.

Maximal working lengths: 50/65/80/100 cm, perhaps more (19/26/31/30") (= size I-IV) of the machine.


round and oval hammer handles, straight and formed, ladder rungs, spokes, chair legs-edged and tound, tool handles, broad painting brush handles, brush woods, tapered dowels aso. Mass production of anywished profiles.




depending on kind and size (diameter) of workpieces abt. 200 up to 400 per hour. For employment of fill-up magazine increased production number (abt. 450 pcs/hour)

Construction of the Machine:

The machine has a steady base frame. In heavy boxes with heavy ball bearings there the cutterheads arbor is running. It is driven through the main motor over V-belts. On this cuttersarbor 8 up to 15 cutterheads of steel casting DIA 300 mm are fixed by means of adjusting screws. Each cutterhead has 1 pair of flat knives with straight or profiled edge. The knives are adjusted acording to a clamped sample-workpiece. Before the cutterheads arbor the clamping frame for the workpieces is beared in swinging manner. The knives are prevented from being projected on high turning numbers through safety pins in efficious way. The knives are HSS-plated, during the cutterheads consist of viscous building-steel. The workpiece is inserted between the tailstock points and the spindle stock by means of two centering supports and clamped. With the workpiece a formtemplate producing the profiled form is turned in the spindle stock (for round, oval, edged). It can be easily changed.


  •  solid construction
  •  simple waiting on manual operation
  •  the raw woods maybe not-exact in measures or unequal (in the contrary to the pneumatic design)
  •  clamping rigidor movable for 2various profiles.

Working Method:

Switch-on the main motor, insert raw woods into the centering support, clamp into clamping frame. Swing the clamping frame against the cutterheads arbor. The form template presses against the start dog (segmetn) and correspondingly the workpiece is moulded by the cutterheadsarbor. After first up to second rotations the circuitform is moulded according to the template. By means of start segment and adjusting screw the thickness of the chips and the diameter of workpiece can be regulated. Swing-out of the clamping frame. Change the finished item against a raw blank. Raw woods must not be pre-machined. All pieces attain exactly the same shape.


Main Motor 3.000 r.p.m (usal electric 3-phase motor on console in the stand) drives the cutterheads arbor (2.500 r.p.m) over double V-belts.

The Feed Motor (0,3 KW, 1.500 r.p.m.) drives the clamping frame spindle with workpiece and form template (abt. 30 r.p.m).


  •  8 up to 15 cutterheads depending on size (I-IV) (working length 50 up to 100 cm)
  •  Per cutterhead 1 pair of straight knives
  •  Universal round-oval-template
  •  required V-belts
  •  spanners
  •  complete motor equipment for 3 phase A.C. (2 motors, motor protection switch)
  •  instructions writing
  •  packing

Against Extra Charge:

  •  Spare knives - straight or proviled
  •  other form templates.



Special Design of the RF6-machine with pneumatic fill-up magazine and fullautomatic
clamping device (MP)

The clamping frame is fit with particular fill-up magazine for automatic feed. In this manner essentially easier, nearly fullautomatic operating, only filling of the magazine required. Increased production number per hour (about 400 hammer handles, aso.). However exact pre-cutting of the raw blanks (especially in its length) necessary, so that any disturbance of function can be avoided. Required air pressure 6 atü, 200 litres/min. for compressor.

The construction of the machine for manual feed is diverging from this of the pneuamtic execution. Therefore the final decision already on ordering of the client is necessary, because subsequent fitting with the pneumatic elements is difficult and should only be made in our works.

Wights and measures:

type machine /working lenght maximal

RF 6 I
  50 cm = 20"     
 number of cutterheads:
8 pieces
  65 cm = 26"     
 number of cutterheads:
10 pieces
  80 cm = 31"     
 number of cutterheads:
12 pieces
100 cm = 40 "
 number of cutterheads:
15 pieces

  RF 6 I RF 6 II RF 6 III RF 6 IV
net wight 500 kg 540 kg 590 kg 650 kg
gross wight 630 kg 680 kg 730 kg 785 kg
Seacase cbm 2 2,2 2,4 2,7


In your inquiry please inform us as well as possible about type, shape measures and kind of
timber of the workpieces. Furthermore please advice electrical voltage for the
AC 3-phases-motors (measured between the phases) and cycles.

The right is reserved to make structural alterations!


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