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for milling straight cylindrical rods and poles from straight quadrangular or bordered raw blanks in hard and soft woods in circular diameters 20 up to 80 mm (size I) and 45 - 100 mm (size II). Minimal length 45 cm, maximal unlimited.


hunter fences, flagstaffs, rollers for shutters
(special design)



6/7,5/9/12 m per min. 4 various speeds can be chosen by changing of the chain gears. On special request the machine can be fitted with continuously regulable feed - gearing motor.


The machine in solid construction consists of sturdy hollow casting stand and is provided with a heavy electric motor for 3 ph. A.C. (7,5/10 KW = 10/15 HP, 2850 RPM), which drives the changeable cutterhead over V-belts and also the feed worm gearing running in permanent oil-bath, wich can be interrupted by handlever. The latter sets in motion the chain gearing for the stave-transport. By means of the coupling hand lever the gearing is switches-on.


with 3 pieces steel casting cutterholders for 20-65/35-80 mm Ø or 45-90/55-100 mm Ø, within 1 set
(= 3 pieces) of halfround cutters in HSS-quality. The cutters are simultaneously scrubbing and smoothing and suitable for all diameters. The changing of the cutterholders for each other stave-inter-diameter is done in easy manner by means of curvering and diameter scale. The cutters can be employed still after much resharpening, till they will be very short pieces. The cuterheadbonnet prevents simultaneously the projecting of the cutters and also of wooden chips.


Guide: It has lang guiding ledges and works centering at four sides. The drawing guide works vertically centering. The entering guide is fitted with rippled rolls, the drawing guide with 1 pair of easily changeable drawing rolls, the nominal diameters of which are graduated from 5 to 5 mm. If required also intersizes of rolls can be delivered (for smallest tolerances).

Special Design:

for working of straight grown and free-from-knots poles the machine can be fitted with additonal prismatic entering rolls pair and double-rolls drawing guide (price-elevation) special construction for milling plastic materials.


  •  Einstellbarer Messerkopf mit 1 Satz (= 3 Stück) Messerhalter für 1 Durchmesserbereich
     (20-65 oder 35-80 mm/45-90 oder 55-100mm)
  •  1 Antriebs-Kettenrad für
  •  1 Vorschubggeschwindigkeit
  •  1 Paar Abzugwalzen für gewünschten Stab-Durchmesser Keilriemen
  •  komplette elektrische Ausrüstung 380 V/50 Hz.

Gegen Extraberechnung:

  •  Reservemesser
  •  weitere Abzugwalzen
  •  2. Satz Messerbacken
  •  doppelter Prismenwalzeneinzug für gewachsene Stangen
  •  Doppelwalzenabzug
  •  weitere Kettenräder
  •  evt. Pneumatisches Beschickungsmagazin.


  •  Stabdurchgangshöhe:   850 mm
  •  Gesamthöhe:             1000 mm
  •  Maschinenlänge:        1200 mm
  •  Breite                          600 mm
  •  Ungef. Gewichte: netto 550 kg, brutto(seem.) 650 kg


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