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for economic production of straight cylindrical rods of 10 up to 50 mm (3/8 - 2") of circular section, in hard and soft woods-produced from quadrangular raw blanks. Minimal working length 30 cm, maximal unlimited. Largest raw-measure.




There 3 speeds of feed (8/14/18) m/min = 32/48/65 ft/min) can be chosen for optimal quality and quantity of production. The change is done in rapid manner by means of belts alteration on 3-steps-pulley. Output
f. i. about 300 broom handles of 1,30 m in length and 25 mm Ø per hour - feed 8 m/min - incl. manual charging. On request there also a pneumatic magazine (hopper) can be mounted, which is changeable for the right working length (better output through sparing the manual charging).

Construction of the machine:

The upper part of the steady hollow - casting stand contains the bearing of the changeable cutterhead by means of heavy ball bearings. The cutterhead consists of a turning bulk with regulable curvering, which is fitted with 3 eccentric interior curves. The 3 cutterholders have swingable bearings for exact regulation of the diameters. By means of the curve-ring there the right adjusting of the cutters is arranged automatically - according to a scale for reading the diameters.

The cutters of half-round profile are milling simultaneously as scrubbing and as smoothing knives. They consist of HSS steel for best working of timbers of various types. The cutter haven't any slits, because they are fixed by means of screws and so can be used till there will be only a small rest.

For machining diameters less than 10 mm there we can deliver fixed cutterheads (not changeable).

The cutterhead - bonnet prevents the blowing-out of the wooden chips and also projecting of knives.

The entering guide is self-centring at 4 sides and has long guiding ledges and rippled entering rolls (suitable for all diameters), the drawing guide is also self-centring,. The drawing rolls are easily changeable and are graduated in nominal diameters from 10 up to 50 mm (diameter-steps from 5 to 5 mm) and are delivered according to clients request (inter-sizes, if required for small tolerances).


In the stand there the worm gearing is running in permanent oil bath. The motor drives the cutterhead-hollow-arbour as well as the worm gearing over slender V-belts. The worm gearing transmits the transport motion to the chain gears and transport rolls.

Drive:   by electric motor for 3 phased A.C. (3 KW = 4 HP, 2850 RPM)

Normal accessories:

  •  changeable cutterhead with 1 set = 3 pieces of HSS cutters in standard quality
  •  1 pair of drawing rolls for 1 nominal diameter complete
  •  electrical equipment for 3 ph. A.C. ( motor, slender V-belts, pulley, console,
    star-triangle-switch, montage of the electrics to the machine ready for circuit).

Against Extra Charge:

  •  spare knives
  •  further drawing rolls
  •  fixed cutterheads for diameters less than 10 mm till 6 mm
  •  pneumatic magazine MP changeable for various working lengths
  •  pneumatic endforming-device MEF for automatic rounding- off or pointing short cones at the stave ends.

The rounding-off/pointing of the machined rods can also be done out of the machine RA 40 by means of special heads on the Endsformer LB (not-automatic machine, manual charging required).

For sanding we recommend our types SM 12 or SM 8 or UDB as Finishing Units.

Dimensions of RA 40:

  •  centre height (= stave passing height) 820 mm
  •  total height 1000 mm
  •  bredth 600 mm, length in stave-direction 650 mm.

Packing Measures:    L x B x H 950 x 700 x 1100 mm = 0,75 cbm


  •  net 270 kg
  •  gross (seaworthy) 340 kg

The right is reserved to make structural alterations.


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