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economic production of straight cylindrical rods

With this machine straight (not curved) rods and handles are taken out of the Rod Milling Machine COSMA U9 or COSMA RA 40 in fullautomatic manner, formed at both ends by means of rounding-off or pointing heads and then guided to the Rod Sanding Machine COSMA UDB.



The machine consists of a base frame in cast iron construction of 2 m in length and 1 m in breadth, which carries two rolls slides displaced each to the other in the length at the top. In the middle of the machine a strappado consisting of two slanting-rails with catch-sections is mounted.

The strappado (whip) can be lifted by the rolls motor and the pair of cranks connected with it, laterally displaced for one crank diameter and after this again be sunk.

The plastic transport rolls are driven by a motor with round belts and move the moulded staves through the production way.

At the front side of the machine frame there two pneumatically displaceable motor-apparatuses, each with one rounding-off and pointing head. Before the cutterheads two keeping tongs can fix the stave on pneumatical control.

Operation Process:

The stave leaving the Rod Milling Machine is driven before the strappado by means of the transport rolls and is releasing this by a stop. The strappado undercatches the before driven stave, brings it into the middle axis of rounding-off and pointing head and is clamping it simultaneously. Rounding-off and Pointing head are pushed pneumatically against the stave ends, work them an retired again.

Then the stave is loosed from the keeping tongs, the strappado undercatches it and displaces it up to the outlet-rolls-slide, which carries to the Rod Sanding Machine. The sanded stave steps out of the plant in fullautomatic manner.

Specialities of the Construction:

For being a Rod Moulding Unit either a cylindrically working machine (such as f.i. type COSMA RA 40) or a formed rods milling machine (such as f.i. type COSMA U9) is suitable, however only for straight staves (but maybe also formed ones).

For finishing of the staves either the Rotating Belt Sanding Machine type COSMA UDB can be employed. The COSMA UDB is sanding the not-turning stave by a rotating sanding-belt system in very clean manner.

Instead of the rounding-off and pointing units also a boring or sawing unit can be chosen or another individual working apparatus for a special purpose.


  • ca. 800 kg net


In case of a demand we ash you kindly to inform us in detailed manner about stave-diameter,
length, type of wood, wished capacity, also. So that the whole plant can be
adjusted in construction for the individual situation.

The right is reserved to make structural alterations!


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